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SeaBuck 7 Equine- High Performance Nutrition for High Performance Horses
Better Performance Through Better Stomach & Digestive Health.
A powerful complex of omegas, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Nutrition as nature intended.
  • One Active Ingredient, Many Nutrients- SeaBuck 7 Equine is powered by one bitter berry, sea buckthorn, with 100+ naturally occurring nutrients. It's power through food.
  • Omegas + Omegas- Sea buckthorn is naturally rich in omegas 3, 6, 9 , and the elusive omega 7. This rare omega is what helps keep their digestive tract, stomach linings and tissue stay strong and healthy.
  • Nutrition through Nature- sea buckthorn is nutrition made by mother nature herself. Unaltered, untouched, ALL of SeaBuck 7 Equine's benefits come from this one-of-a-kind source.
  • Safe for Competition- Because it's 100% food grade, SeaBuck 7 Equine is safe at all levels of competition and for all equine disciplines. NO drugs, NO chemicals, NO foreign substances. 
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Pro Rider Testimonials
Kelli Barichello
"SeaBuck does so much for a horses all around health and performance.  I see a huge difference in my horses coat, they are so soft n shiny. They develop a strong top line of muscle. Their stomachs don't bother them, no more ulcer problems. They keep weight on under stress and traveling. I've also noticed a very high focused energy, it's the good kind of energy you want in a performance horse."- Kelli Barichello

Natalie Foutch

“Orville and I love SeaBuck 7! I love how calm and focused Orville is at every run in the alley way! It's a must in my barn and especially on the road. The all natural anti-inflammatory, mental focus and over all health is so important to me.
I got a new horse & started her on SeaBuck 7, during the time on the road, she received 4 oz. daily & her mental focus is remarkable. Again, I can not express enough on what this product does for my horses. Missy is a happy and much quieter horse.”

Laura S.

"In just a few short weeks my gelding was looking and acting so much better. I was even able to take my usually nervous and scared horse to his first rodeo and he walked in like he owned the place. I will be putting all my horses on it and I cannot thank you enough for offering such an awesome product! I believe in the product so much that I am now a dealer! :-)
Thanks SeaBuck!"